Our Story

Why did we move to Cyprus? What do we actually do for a living? And how does it come that we spend three months in Bali? These are the questions we get on a regular basis. To get to know us better, we decided to write a short 'about us' article. Let's get started!

Hi there and Welcome,

you landed on our little ‘about us’ article. That’s awesome, because we love to meet new people and we love to share our story. We are really honored that you are interested. Before we get into the details on the ‘about’ part, let us introduce ourselves. We are a team of two, also known as Patrick and Eva, now living on the beautiful island of Cyprus. How did we get here? It is actually not such a long story, but one worth telling.

Our Story

Over one year ago we decided we wanted to have a different life. Living in two different states (Austria and Germany) back then, made it hard for us to maintain a healthy work-life balance and we all know that long distance relationships start to suck really hard over time. Therefore, we decided to create a whole new life for ourselves. It was a big decision for us because it also meant quitting our jobs, which we loved, and taking the leap into the uncertainty of self-employment.



About Patrick

Up until the time he quit his job, Patrick worked for an amazing tech company in Innsbruck, Austria. During his five years in the corporate world he worked on high profile projects in the medical, energy and telecommunications sectors. As a full-stack software engineer he also worked on automated cancer detection in MRI images in the US (how cool is that?) and developed hardware and software solutions for virtual power plants. He basically worked as an engineering wizard per day and spent his nights and weekends on gathering all the information he could on blockchain technology and got more into trading. That’s why he now also works as an advisor for companies in that field.




About Eva

Maybe you  realised it  by now, I am the one writing this article, so I’m just going to tell you more about me now. Until I quit a leading position in one of Germanys biggest influencer marketing and media agencies, I worked on big projects for named companies in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. I created and executed big influencer marketing campaigns and simultaneously had the pleasure of managing some of Austria’s and Germany’s most interesting bloggers and influencers. I loved my job which is why I decided to keep on doing it, just not for an agency anymore. I am a total geek when it comes to social media and everything that’s new out there in that sector. I love to dig deep into consumer behavior, so I am constantly analyzing what strategies, channels and content are working and why.

How we live and work

Now we are getting to the more personal part of the story. The juicy stuff some might say. What you already know is that we quit our jobs and decided to change our lives completely. We did not just decide to go from the 9 to 5 to the 24/7, which is exactly what it is. No, we also wanted to travel more. To meet inspiring people. To try new things, because that is how we grow and open up our minds. That is how we stay motivated and inspired to give our best every single day.

Cyprus is our home base now…

The decision to move to Cyprus came quite naturally after some intense research. Ocean, sunshine, taxes – off we go. Even in hindsight it is a no-brainer for us. We spend most of the year in Cyprus, mostly between Spring and Fall. Last winter we spent 3 months in Bali and a few weeks in Austria to meet our family and friends and of course for business. That is what we want to keep doing for now. Working as a team and growing our company while traveling the world. We spend our off time doing cross-fit, yoga an kite surfing, I am sure you can guess who is into what sports. We believe in living a healthy and most importantly, a cruelty free, lifestyle.
We also believe in the power of sharing knowledge, so we created our very own newsroom. In our newsroom section you can follow our journey as well as profit from our professional know-how. We will share all things business and let you be part of our personal journey.

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Hope to connect soon!
Patrick & Eva

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